The Process involved

Always a shell seeker and inspired by a love of the wild natural shapes and organic forms found in nature. Sculpted silver shells ,flowers and pods are all interpretations of these found treasures. By combining them with rough and polished gem stones and natural crystals , tiny seed pearls silk ribbons, silver chain etc Laragh Creates her Treasure Earth collection. I photograph and draw and I collect treasure like a magpie. I play a lot with loads ideas. I work with silver metal clay (pmc/art clay) An amazing product which is silver in a clay form. It can be sculpted, formed, textured and worked with as clay. It is suitable to carve and can be finished and refined by gentle sanding or just using a paint brush and water. Pieces are then fired in a kilin at 900′ c. The result is fine silver or sterling silver objects,which I then have hall marked, accordingly.
After firing pieces are polished and may be oxidized (patinated) which gives an antiqued’ old found treasure’ look to the silver. This can highlight / low light textures,and give an alternative’ dark ‘ look to bright shiny silver. Gold detail is something that I add sometimes. By usuing the ancient korean method of keumboo which uses heat and pressure to burnish gold foil to the silver.
I like to use enamel to add colour and what I think of as water effects to some pieces. The process of enamelling involves using finely ground coloured glass which is fused on to the silver at high temperatures, and the results are beautiful layers of translucent colour.
(Adornment is a primitive desire, and I love the idea of jewellery as an means of self expression, and I’m intrigued by the idea of wearable art.)